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Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation – Don’t Arrive Empty-Handed

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Successful outcomes start with successful consultations. Dr. Talbott will schedule at least one consultation with you prior to deciding on any course of action. The all-important consultation is a critical fact-finding opportunity for patient and surgeon alike.

Ask Questions During your Plastic Surgery Consultation

During your consultation, you’ll both have the chance to ask questions, understand goals and set expectations for results. This is the time to make the final evaluation of the procedure you’re about to undergo, the surgeon performing it, the facility where it will take place and how the guidance and support for post-operative care is transmitted.

Packing for Your Trip to the Hospital for Surgery

Beyond arriving well-rested and well-researched, you should come equipped – both physically and mentally. That means arriving in the right clothing, prepared to ‘expose’ yourself appropriately to your surgeon, and most importantly, with a list of questions you want answered. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Clothing: If you’re preparing for breast augmentation or other body contouring procedures, wear clothing and undergarments that make disrobing simple and practical.   You’ll be asked to undress the applicable areas of the body so the doctor and nurse can make their evaluations.

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