Top Plastic Surgeries for 2020

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A woman in a bikini who's had a Brazilian butt lift

Will your friends recognize you when you come out of quarantine?

Here’s an article on the top plastic surgery procedures for 2020. Dr. Talbott is ready to conduct a quarantine-friendly virtual consultation from the comfort of your home for all these procedures and many more.

Part 2, Preparing for Transgender Surgery

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A woman preparing for transgender surgeryThis post picks up where we left off in an earlier piece for those considering transgender surgery. We were discussing the important issues a person needs to consider well before scheduling their surgery. Among the important considerations is finding a reputable plastic surgeon whom you know and trust. A doctor who sets broken bones and stitches your wounds can certainly be considered a life saver. A surgeon who performs your gender transformation is a life changer, so having trust and confidence in them is foundational for a smooth transition.

Assuming you have met and selected an accomplished plastic surgeon to move forward with, there are several to-do items that need to be addressed before the big day. Following the checklist below will help ensure adequate preparation and optimal outcomes:

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