One Week to Wellness: How Fitness, Meditation and Fun Can Contribute to Your Beauty and Self-Esteem in 7 Days

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exercise deep breathing and laughter for wellnessI wasn’t always a fitness and wellness buff. I am a very busy mom, wife, plastic surgeon, and community activist. I always used “I don’t have enough time” as my excuse. A little while ago, a 60-year-old patient of mine, also a mother and successful businesswoman, blew me away with her beauty, poise, and youthful energy. She told me about how fitness and wellness were a priority in her life, and I got inspired. Since then, I started working out with my daughter. It’s great to have a partner, because we motivate each other. No excuses. I also work on my focus by taking a few minutes a day to meditate or do some breathing exercises. This is usually done best in a quiet place; I can shut my office door and take 10 minutes and feel so much better after doing so. Finally, let’s not forget what our teens and twenties were all about—fun! Who’s to say that the fun stops after 40? Definitely not me.

It is incredible to me how quickly one can see results from exercise, meditation or breathing routines, and laughter. Doing even one of these things per day can really change your outlook, make you feel better, or just turn your mood up a bit to keep you going. I truly believe that if you took seven days, and tried to pick two of these three activities to do each of the seven days, you’d see amazing results, inside out.

Take Just Twenty Minutes to Boost Your Heart Rate

First off, exercising can do terrific things for the mind, body and soul. If you rode on a stationary bike for 20 minutes and got your heart pumping, the following results will occur:

  • You will be more productive. Cardiovascular exercise has been studied and proven to help distribute attentional and memory resources so that you are more efficient and productive.

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